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[Review] The Mt. Bachelor Pad by Ruffwear

Some call him spoiled, we call him fortunate. Call him what you will, Hank’s excited to have another Ruffwear product in his Haul Bag to keep him warm and comfy when we’re camping, climbing, or just hanging out at…

Dog Gear Reviews

[Review] Polar Trex Dog Boots by Ruffwear

There were frigid days this winter in Colorado when we would head out for walks with Hank and I would just cringe at the sight of his poor little paws crunching through the cold snow. On one particular day, he…

Dog Gear Reviews

[Review] Highlands Sleeping Bag by Ruffwear

Sometimes I think back to camping adventures we’ve had when we’ve muttered, “I wish we had a sleeping bag for Hank,” and think that maybe one of those times someone from Ruffwear overheard us saying that. Really though, there…