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Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] The Dakar Pro Glove by Klim

If you want the ultimate off-road glove whether you’re riding a dual sport bike or dirt bike, look no further than the Dakar Pro by Klim. Amazing durability, combined with strategic venting makes this a comfortable glove for mild…

Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] The Induction Glove by Klim

If you’re heading out for a trip in a warm climate or if you’re strictly riding in warm climates, the Induction Glove by Klim should be your go-to glove for dual sport riding.   While the Induction will provide safety…

Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] Rotopax for Your Rig

Rotopax are the best way to bring fuel with you on your rig in the most un-obtrusive way. Rotopax are durable, built with quality materials, and make bringing the extra bit of fuel (or piece of mind as I…