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Could a Toy Hauler be the Rig for You?

More and more Americans are hitting the road in RVs. The RV lifestyle, which used to be primarily for retirees, is now bringing in travelers of all ages. There are more millennials on the road than ever before. The…

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[How-To] Repack Wheel Bearings

With some relatively simple and easy maintenance, you can prevent loosing a wheel from you’re trailer as you’re hauling down the road.  Watch this in-depth guide on how to re-pack wheel bearings.  Once you do it on one vehicle,…

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[Review] 8DM-12 Heater by Planar Heaters

Made in Russia but based in Canada, Planar Heaters are a great addition to any recreational vehicle, especially if you plan on living in it during the cold weather months.  Two years ago, when we drove up to Alaska…