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[Review] The Exterior Ball-Head Mount by Nflightcam

We don’t own our own airplane yet but I can guarantee when we do, we will not be sticking any adhesive mounts to the paint. We’ve had a chance to use the Exterior Ball-Head Mount by Nflightcam on both an Air Tractor 502 and a Cessna 180. It aligns with the number of other Nflightcam products that we’ve tried in that it’s extremely well built, innovative, easy to use, and secure.

To use this mount, all you have to do is remove a factory screw from the aircraft in the preferred location (Nflightcam suggests mounting near major structure), replace with a longer screw through the surface spud and reassemble the entire mount. This sounds a bit tedious now but once you have the mount in your hand, you will realize it really is a quite simple and easy procedure. The one thing we had an issue with was finding a screw that would fit in both the aircraft and the spud but we were trying this out on an Air Tractor 502 so the specifics may have been different. Realistically, this can be mounted anywhere or on anything where you have a threaded hole so long as you can track down a screw that fits both the threaded hole and the ball-head mount.

You can also buy multiple surface spuds, which is the portion of the mount that screws onto the airplane. You can place 2 or 3 spuds on the aircraft and keep them mounted for an extended period of time. Then all you would have to do is move the Ball-Head Mount and camera from spud to spud. This would literally allow you to move your camera location within seconds. I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again, Nflightcam gear is so easy and fast to use that you will use it even when you don’t have to. If mounts are tedious and time consuming to use, we usually don’t end up using them thus not getting the potentially amazing footage.

The rubber footing on the Ball-Head Mount ensures that your paint will be protected. Not only will your paint be protected but your camera is also extremely secure when using this mount (or any other Nflightcam mount we’ve used for that matter). In my past mounting-cameras-to-airplanes life I always said a little “please come home safely” message to my GoPro when I naively stuck it into the adhesive mount that was haphazardly “mounted” in the first place. I always knew that possibly losing a camera was the risk we took when mounting a GoPro to something that travels at speeds upwards of 140 mph. Insert in the new Nflightcam mounting options we’ve been so lucky to try and taking time to wish my GoPro farewell is not even in the picture anymore.

You’ll notice a huge difference when you switch from chintzy adhesive mounts to well-built and high quality mounts like those from Nflightcam. Whether you’re looking to mount an action camera inside the cockpit or get the amazing shot from outside the cockpit, Nflightcam offers the best options for all of your mounting needs. Along with mounts, the Aviation Audio+Power Cable for GoPro is hands down the best way to record seamless audio while in flight. Be sure to check out for all of your aviation accessory needs!

Exterior Ball-Head Mount

Exterior Ball-Head Mount




    • Extremely well built
    • Can place the camera in any position thanks to the ball-head
    • Won't damage your paint
    • Sets up in seconds (once you have the correct screw!)
    • Durable and secure


    • We had a hard time finding screws that would fit the aircraft and mount (tried on an Air Tractor) so had to do some trial and error and make some runs to the hardware store

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