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[Review] Boots for the Workin’ Woman: The Verona by Muck Boot Company

With the type of work I do, I’ve always been required to wear some sort of work boot. I prefer leather work boots, but something that has a little bit of water proofness or water resistance is a huge bonus. I work sun up to sun down most every day of the summer and finding a work boot that can keep up with me and protect my feet has always been a challenge. Always, until now. Muck Boot recently came…

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Outdoor Gear Reviews

[Review] The Karadon 5 by High Sierra

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and well-designed daypack for hiking, mountain biking or anything in between, look no further than the Karadon 5 by High Sierra. This 5-liter hydration pack will fit all of your daily essentials,…

Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] The LC8 Alternator Plug Kit

Having CJ in the Adventure Bike community is a godsend for all of us. Most of his products are products of problems that he has encountered on his own machine in the past. He works to make your motorcycle…

Adventure Reads

When I Fell for the Wild

I wondered, the other day, why something as simple as a black squirrel, scampering across the road, fascinated me so deeply. For most, this would be a mediocre sighting and I began to wonder and ponder why I was…

Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] Oberon Clutch Slave

While it wasn’t an absolutely necessary upgrade at the time, I decided to replace my KTM stock clutch slave with an Oberon Performance Clutch Slave Cylinder. I wasn’t willing to take a chance with the stock parts, and so…

Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] CJ Designs Spark Plug Wrench

The CJ Designs Spark Plug wrench is an ideal tool for both your shop at home and when you’re on the road with your KTM Adventure. Most imperatively, this spark plug wrench is easy to pack so you will…

Outdoor Gear Reviews

[Review] The Yeti Rambler

Staying hydrated, refreshed, and warm throughout the year with your beverages just got a lot easier. The Yeti Rambler is the perfect receptacle for your favorite beverage(s) throughout the summer heat and cold winter days. This insulated bottle is…