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[Review] Ramblin’ on about the Rambler Gloves by Klim

Most anyone out there cruising the streets on a moto can agree that when it comes to gloves, it’s easier to throw on the leather gloves you picked up for $12 at the hardware store than it is to slip on your true moto gloves. It maybe adds to the “cool-guy” factor too, which is always a bonus. Now you don’t have to choose—you can have the leather hardware store glove and a true moto glove in one. The Rambler…

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Motorcycles Reviews

[Review] The Revener Jacket by Klim

To me, Klim has been my one stop shop for highly functional, quality motorcycle outerwear that does not disappoint in even the most miserable of weather conditions. I’ve trusted my technical riding gear in downpours, cold temps, deep sand,…