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[Review] The BONX Grip

When Tyson and I are skiing, we are always looking for easy opportunities to create content. Whether we think about it on the chairlift or when we get to the ultimate powder field, I will have the shot in…

Reviews Technology

[Review] UA Wireless Headphones by JBL

The sound technology of JBL has been strategically combined with the fitness expertise’s of Under Armour, giving athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike a perfect wireless headphone for any adventure. Specifically built for workouts and vigorous activity, the UA Wireless…

Reviews Technology

[Review] Pakpod Adventure Tripod

Whether you’re shooting sunset time-lapses over the water with your GoPro, getting a long exposure shot of the stars in the country with your DSLR, or traveling with your family with a small point-and-shoot camera, the Pakpod will help…